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Behavioral Response Evaluation Tests

In the most recent year of healthcare statistics, for the first time in a long trending period, life expectancy has decreased. Although heart disease as the number one killer has declined, (we believe this is attributed to more prevalent HRV, PWV and SMF testing) related circumstances from substance abuse, depression and overall mental health have increased overdoses, homicide and suicide rates.

The good news is that VS Diagnostics is now offering the first and only automated testing sequence to its clients for evaluation and tracking of related mental health behavioral response. This automation uses well-established tests in a user-friendly format. Data collected is through portable digital devices where healthcare offices are trained to use a systematic process so that providers and staff can have the access to and integration of 21st-century technology.

Previously, tests like this, even ones with limited note/tablet capability, had no ability to track, monitor and graphically display chronological testing results. Now, providers can look at objectively quantified data quickly to determine relevant risks and or next steps in possible treatment for addiction, depression, and cognitive function including possible violent behavior patterns.

Moreover, recent articles in the press are calling for the healthcare community to be more responsible for identifying mental health disorders before they affect society. This starts with identification. Without documented results offered by mental health testing and tracking, no other viable solutions to this problem exist. Providers are already under time constraints that would otherwise limit their abilities to interact with patients relevant to these risks to any significant extent.

Now healthcare professionals can protect themselves and their patients for certain diagnoses risks relative to mental health. Identification markers for such mental illnesses can provide for timely intervention/treatment for patients in need while helping to protect society, including payer costs.

Many patients who suffer from these issues don't realize that help is available and that there is a pathway to get better. From a correlation perspective, providers often see significant relationships between many chronic illnesses such as pain, which can lead to depression and addiction. Depression and or violent abhorrent behavior can often be as a consequence of certain medication side effects or other substance interactions as well.

While your office participates in leading the charge against mental illnesses, you can also reap significant rewards across the majority of adult or even young adult patient reimbursement policies. Add BRETesting to your office and have the tools to provide intervention and/or referrals as may be needed and save the system money and other related burdens. Join the cause by speaking to your VS Diagnostics expert for more information.