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Dr. Ronald A. Cohen Managing Director

Dr. Cohen has been practicing integrative healthcare for nearly three decades, and he is also the founder of several healthcare companies, whose focus varies from nutritional science products to diabetic supplies and more.

Dr. Cohen has been awarded numerous honors in the healthcare field and been a regular lecturer, keynote speaker and educator in both academic and hospital settings. Dr. Cohen is a former University instructor for several schools including Purdue and Indiana Universities, and he has also instructed on location for courses and certifications given through Nova South Eastern and University of Nevada Las Vegas schools. He was previously affiliated with St. Francis Hospital and practices at the Air Force Base in Hawaii. Dr. Cohen also served in the military as an Air Force Captain with Meritorious distinction.

He has particulary focused on disorders related to the head, neck, shoulders, airway, and oral cavity, and their relationship to total body health as well as cosmetic and functional considerations. He has also worked with other integrative healthcare providers to address common ailments such as airway dysfunction analysis and obstructive sleep apnea and other maxillofacial surgeries.

As a Managing Director of VS Diagnostics, Dr. Cohen coordinates with VSD affiliates and staff as well as practitioner benefits of the tests series and how they integrate into most healthcare provider offices. Dr. Cohen regularly hosts representative and practitioner calls and is a wealth of knowledge about the field.

Catherine A. Waldrop, MDClinical Director

Dr. Waldrop is the Medical Director for VS Diagnostics. She is an accomplished physician with more than ten years of experience in various aspects of business organization, in addition to her medical career. Her breadth and depth of research relating to physiology, psychiatry and degenerative diseases lead to the position as senior healthcare strategist and industry consultant for a private equity firm specializing in multi-million dollar transactions in the healthcare space.

As part of her business, scientific and medical career, Dr. Waldrop is also in private practice in New York City with particular focus on functional, preventative and anti-aging medicine.

From a formal educational perspective, Dr. Waldrop has multiple and varied academic achievements including having completed research work related to medical diagnostics and associated treatment therapies. Dr. Waldrop has degrees with honors from Brown University, Columbia University, and the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Kevin E. Blanchette, MBADirector

Kevin Blanchette is a former investment banker with Alberta Government Services and current Managing Partner at Hammer Capital, a Canada-based private equity company. He serves on the board of several companies, and is a consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Mr. Blanchette was formerly Chief Executive Officer of International Health Partners, a public company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. IHP operated a chain of modern health care facilities and was involved in medical practice management. In 2006 Curve Dental, a company specializing in practice management software, recruited Mr. Blanchette. He led the company in commercializing its dental practice management solutions in North America.

Having stepped down from Triwood in order to pursue other opportunities, Mr. Blanchette founded Hammer Capital LLC in 2012. As Managing Partner, Mr. Blanchette oversees Hammer's portfolio of healthcare, real estate, energy, and early stage technology companies. Currently, Mr. Blanchette serves as a director of Wyoming Energy, Adjusters International Group, and Alta Industrial Automation Ltd, and continues as a director for Triwood Captial.

Mr. Blanchette also serves as a Treasurer and as a Director of "Give a Mile Inc.", a non-profit that enables people to visit terminally ill friends & family through crowd-funding of micro-donations and airline travel points.

Thomas Gregory, MD, PHDResearch Director

Dr. Gregory has been a professor at numerous colleges and universities both in the United States and abroad, teaching courses in biology, orthomolecular research, orthopedics and neurology. He has earned his distinction in both academia and the medical world as a clinician and researcher and currently also serves as an officer in the Air Force.

Dr. Gregory has served on multiple boards of private companies in the health care and related space and in that capacity has been influential in helping those companies become successful and recognized for their contributions to the advancement of patient care.